Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Trouble With Labels...

Do not get me wrong I dream of the day that I will one day have ( at least) one pair of designer shoes sitting in my wardrobe but I think society's obession with labelling of late both designer and personal is a real problem today.
Vintage followers and baragain shoppers will know you do not have to spend a lot to feel fabulous but what happens when what you wear portrays you in a certain light?
Being 5ft 3in and pear-shaped, from the age of about 13 onwards I have always felt better in heels whether it is a night out or a trip to the shops, you will usually find me in at least 3inch heels. I just feel more comfortable this way plus I tend to be distracted by the pretty colours and sparkles of these wonderful creations.
However of late I have noticed that there are certain connotations associated with being a high-heel wearer, for some women it looks like a cry for attention and for some men it means you are a certain kind of woman. Which is neither true for me. My background is pretty boring - I neither drink, nor smoke and believe you should never kiss a guy until you have met his mother (not really but this has always been the case for me). However despite this some guys I have met over the last year of being single have somehow assumed I am a very different kind of woman because of my heel height and keenness in fashion. So much so that I have even considered ditching the heels altogether for a life of pumps and trainers but I just cannot do it.
My reason? Well it would not be me. At university I opted for a near complete life of flats (except weekends) to try and blend into the crowd but I did not feel myself and as a result the friends I met at Uni have a complete different view on me, which is my own fault.
I admit sometimes in the past I have worn heels to impress a guy but when I am wearing heels in a chemist queuing up with 'time of the month' things and a chocolate bar I am far from trying to get the cute guy behind the counter's attention!
It has struck me just how much people give up or change because of the certain labels that are put on things and why this is. I went to a keep fit pole dancing class for a few months which I loved and would still be doing if I could financially afford it but I still feel weird saying the name to people in fear of being judged. Which is completely ridiculous because if you saw what I wore to the class and how many bruises I came back with you would hardly think anything sexual at all.
The truth is half the time the judging is in our own head and it is here were we need to learn to let go off the labels and start enjoying being ourselves. So if you find yourself in the morning putting those bright pink trousers away in fear of silly remarks just look at yourself in the mirror count to 5, tell yourself you look gorgeous and walk out that door........because you know you probably do look fabulous...
Photo: In my bargain J for Jasper Conran shoes and one of the jackets that no longer has a size label.

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