Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Life Is A Catwalk

This a short but sweet post to show how body image can effect us in our everyday lives.
Yesterday I was at the zoo with my family taking many photos and acting like a big kid (especially in the gift shop), when we spotted the sign for the large cats (Tigers, Lions and Cheetahs). Now not only am I a huge fan of big cats I am also a fashion enthusiast (obviously) and got very excited over the huge letters saying cat walk or catwalk as I like to think of it.
My excitement was so apparent that my mother insisted my brother took a photo of me beside it. And above is that very photo but when I now look at it I do not see the irony or the memory of that moment, instead I see the 'flaws' I see in myself. I am not going to point them out because that is not the point of this post but I do think it is important to remember photos are fundamentally there to tell a story, to capture a moment and to share. They are not to have us perfectly flawless standing in front of backgrounds where we do not even remember the moment they were captured. Photos are there to be wept with, cringed at, and laughed over, that is the joy of photography it is just a shame that we sometimes forget this. So I am taking my first step by keeping this photo up till I start remembering the memory and stop focusing on myself because life is a catwalk and we should always be strutting no matter what we look like....
Photo: The catwalk at Belfast Zoo, Northern Ireland

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