Thursday, 19 August 2010

Letting Your Accessorises ROAR!

In recent years with the introduction of supermarket clothing and shops such as Primark etc becoming part of many people's daily shopping fixes - the pleasure and joy of purchasing accessorises has kind of wained.
Back in the day when it was a luxury to purchase a new outfit or have it dyed to make it seem new, accessorises were all the range in tailoring an outfit to your personality. Nowadays people buy an outfit that they feel is representative of them and the accessories are simply an after thought, mainly that of 'throw-away' costume jewellery.
However I myself am a complete costume jewellery addict but even I have of late found no pleasure from the high-street stores in satisfying my addiction. I simply find no matter how much I spend on something it simply falls apart in a matter of days or weeks and really if I have spent the money and really like the piece, ideally I'd like it to at least last a year.
This is yet again where vintage shopping has its benefits especially that done at fairs; there is simply no contest between the jewellery there than that in your local shopping complex. Not only are the pieces nearly 100% unique but they are also long-lasting which is proved by their age already and personally for me they just feel a lot better on. These pieces were made to make a statement and you should feel like you are making a statement wearing them, which is really the whole point of wearing jewellery.
And finally, for those vintage virgins out there who when hearing the words 'vintage jewellery' may have some random images of pieces shown on the Antiques Roadshow, do not fear I am not talking about antiques. For really good pieces you may spend a few hundred pounds but if you are like me and cannot be so extravagant you can pick up unique pieces for sometimes even less than a tenner! They may have possible wear and tear marks but for me that makes them all the more special as it shows it has previously be worn and loved which is why I fall for jewellery in the first place; as everyone can and should appreciate something sparkly in their life....
What does everyone else think; is vintage jewellery better or is the high-street the place to get our costume jewellery fixes?
Photo: Two vintage large-cat jewellery pieces, bought at two different fairs by two different sellers. One is a medium-sized brooch with a few stones missing including one of its eyes. The other is a clasp bracelet with scoring to the side, but to me it does not matter....

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