Saturday, 24 July 2010

Try before you buy

Working in retail for a number of years I have came across many instances especially in Vintage shops where women have come up to the counter asking the measurements of a garment and then have quickly refused to try it on if it is not their 'normal' clothes size.
I myself have been in that situation where I have been in a changing- room refusing to go up a size in a pair of jeans because then that would be labelling myself a size bigger. Though that is the thing it would be me labelling myself and no-one else. It is not as if your body shape has changed just because you are a UK 10 in one shop and a UK 12 or 14 in another.
I however have tried on many a garment at a vintage fair or shop that was a few sizes too big or small and have found they fit like a glove and the clothes I picked that were my 'size' have left me feeling frumpy or squished in like a sausage.
Therefore I think it should be a policy in all shops to try before you buy and to stop asking shop assistants what size a garment is but to start asking if they think it would fit your body shape.
And the after feeling guilt of buying something that is two sizes 'too big' ? Do what I did with two new jackets I got recently, cut off the labels and next year you won't even remember the original sizing. Though with the ones that are smaller? Keep them because it never fails to have a little lift!
Photo: First of the Vintage Sunday Fairs at The Empire in Belfast as part of Frock Around the Clock

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