Monday, 23 August 2010

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The main purpose of starting educating vintage was to show fashion and image are not just confide to a certain stereotypical person. They do in fact creep into nearly every one's life in some shape or form, whether conscious or sub-consciously. I also believe it is very strong in certain creative individuals which is why I have now chosen to do a regular feature which focuses and interviews people who I feel have that passionate edge.
And the first person I have chosen to interview is the very talented Andrew Twigden (pictured above), the songwriter and bassist of new and up and coming London-based band State Of the Union....

Name: Andy Twigden
Age: 30
Occupation: Musician
What are your main passions in life?
Music, Football,Clothes, TV/Film
When did you first get involved with music?
Well I learned the guitar when I was 17 but when I first moved to London I would say. I moved to London to join the band Louie. We were signed to universal and got to play and tour with Kasabian, The Fratellis, The Prodigy and also Leeds and Reading Fest. My new band State Of The Union is much more me and we are an amazing live band
How would you describe your sound?
Were all the best bands rolled into one. I think you can tell our influences but I wouldn't say we sound like any one band y'know.
Would you say you are interested in fashion and why?
I guess so. Clothes are important and being in a band, I guess there is a need to be conscious of
Do you have a particular style?
….if so how would you describe it?
I guess its my own, cliche I know!
Do you think your music influences how you dress?
I think it does in a sense. I mean if I was dressed like gaga and started doing Beatles covers, it would be a bit mental wouldn't it!
Any tips for readers on style or music?
Music; listen to Modest Mouse and just do something that's real to you, I think there are too many people out there trying to do the same thing for a slice of fame, but music is about just that, music. Not trying to be something just to be on TV! Style; just believe in what your wearing and what you are and go with it!
And finally, What is the future for State of the Union?
Well we have only been a band 6 weeks, but we are already booked in for a TV performance for sky TV, and have loads of gigs booked up, and of course, finally get some guitar music back into peoples heads!
To find out more about Andrew Twigdsen and State of the Union check out there myspace page at

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