Saturday, 18 September 2010

Smells Like....Houdini

Another style interview for all you music lovers out there, with lead singer Greg Webster (pictured centre) of the band Houdini. I strongly recommend you check out their sound if you havent already. After listening to their songs I am always taken back to my teenage days of listening to Nirvana which is no easy task. And personally I do not think there is anyone else out there at the moment who can create that sense of nostalgia and still have their own unique this blogger is putting her nose out and saying Houdini are definately a future band to watch out for.
Here is what Greg had to say in the interview.....

Name: Greg Webster
Occupation: Recording Engineer and Studio Manager
What would you say are your main passions in life?
Music, music, music, poetry, prose, recording music, gigs-playing and watching.
What made you first get involved in music?
hmm.. I remember getting some tiny casio keyboard when i was about 9 or something and starting to learn things by ear, and later at some point Nirvana and Sonic Youth and Soundgarden appeared at school. Well they didn't appear at school - THAT would've been amazing! but I mean they appeared in my school life and became the ultimate escape route from all the crap I guess. I think at that point I realised I'd love be able to do that for other people either through music or words or both.
How would you describe your sound?
By asking someone better than me at describing our sound to do it for me. We're pretty darn loud and noisy, that's a given.. and sometimes there's a melody in there when I can actually sing. we're some sorta 'alternative rock' I guess. I hate genres and all these sub-genres now. It's just sub sub sub the same old trash.. maybe we're post-classical-neo-rnb-grime-core meets the dead kennedys??
Would you say you have an interest in fashion?
Not in terms of I'm a follower of it but it intrigues the shit outta me. Totally different world to where I am at.
What do you think of vintage fashion?
I've always been in to retro clothing because it's just so much better than the shit on offer at whatever 'Top-River-Fried Chicken' places you get in the high street. I buy a new piece of clothing maybe once or twice a year and I'd most likely get it in a charity shop. And yeah it would most likely be something 'vintage' but I find vintage shops just rack up the prices for the same stuff generally.
If you had to pick a decade to live in which one would you pick and why?
I reckon the sixties for many different reasons. To be able to experience the social changes seems idealistic but in reality would probably be something quite different depending on what part you played in it all and how it affected your life and community etc. However I'd have loved to have seen some of the classic 60s bands live.. that would've been ace.
What would you say if anything influences you most when deciding what to wear? The weather and what's clean.
Any tips for readers on either style or music?
Love music. It's good for you.
And finally, What is on the cards next for Houdini?
We're busy recording a 4 song e.p. right now so I guess that'll be out before Christmas at some point, and just getting out there and playing live as much as we can really..
To find out more about Greg and Houdini check out there official website at

PICTURE CREDITS: Photo of Houdini taken by photographer Matt Bonner

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