Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Colour Pop-ing

Winter may be fast approaching but this doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be drab or that you have to stick to one colour palate. Recently I myself have been mixing it up with clashing my blacks and purples with my bright blues and oranges. It may feel wrong when you originally throw them together but if you like wearing certain items what should it matter if the colours clash?
Here in Northern Ireland where I live, fashion can be somewhat restrictive in the fact that you sometimes have to think about what you are wearing in case it would cause offence to others around you. I was made very aware of this when I went to school on non-uniform day as even then there were limits to what you could and could not wear. For example to this day I would not wear anything that had the Union Jack (despite being a past Spice Girl fan) or wear greens, oranges and creams all together because although I am not making a statement personally I could subconsciously be taken the wrong way.
I am sure in other places there are the same kind of restrictions but I think it is all a bit pants really, anyone should be allowed to wear what ever they want as long as it protects their modesty ( there are some things we should never see!).
What does everyone else think? Should we abide by the original colour rules? I would love to know what you think...
Picture: My take on colour-popping: I apologise for the state of me, I had just got soaked with rain and the wind was currently blowing in my eyes when the photo was taken.

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