Friday, 23 July 2010

About Educating Vintage...

From ever since I can remember I have struggled with my body image and looks despite being reassured by the people around me that I have nothing to worry about.
It doesn't matter if a man whistles at me in the street or friends tell me I have the ideal figure, deep down I just don't feel comfortable in my own skin unless I am wearing that special dress or heels that make me feel a million dollars because that is when I feel most myself.
I have started this blog as I feel a lack of self-confidence and worth is at an all time high and if nothing is done it could be fatal for the next generation coming along.
My answer to this epidemic? Well it is simple to educate and show women (and men) that fashion has no size or style limit and that to reuse your wardrobe staples with vintage and second-hand purchases fashion can in fact be a fun experience.
I want people to throw away their fashion do and donts books, to cut all size labels of their clothes (only use the number as a guide and remember it's just a number), stop buying the celebrity magazines that focus on telling you someone's weight and dress size, and above all else go on your impulses when buying. If you see a bright pink ruffled dress and it makes you feel alive when you put it on don't shove it to the back of your wardrobe to avoid distasteful comments, wear it with pride because in fashion there are no such thing as mistakes only fashionable mishaps.

Photo: 'My dress' - a vintage fair bargain that has everyone threatening to steal it. Makes me feel like a 'ruffled' princess.

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