Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Art of Clothes

Here is a blog post on what fashion means for the everyday person, by the ever-stylish David Aiyeniwon.
I coloured the sky red last night and I woke up with a blue sky. I saw a flower withering last night but I woke up and it was blooming. And I went to bed dying last night and I woke up Alive!
Fashion is an art; an art that people need to explore and study a lot harder. Fashion embodies so many emotions and so many thoughts. People think they enter a shop, buy some clothes and somehow think that they are not sending a message. The anti-fashion people are more into fashion, than the people in fashion because they have to know what is going on in order to go against it. The people that just don't care, care more than people who do.
My world is surrounded by fashion and so is yours! Open your eyes, clear your mind, look beyond your horizon, and look beyond what your eyes can see.
Fashion tells people who you are without even knowing your name. I was once one of those people that thought that clothes didn't say anything about you, until I started realising who I was. I realised that when people look at me, they see someone who wants to be seen and guess what, I do! I feed off the bad looks, the surprised looks and the impressed looks. This might sound like I am the most conceited or egocentric, however when I look in the mirror I see someone who is aiming for imperfection. Since I can't be perfect, why can't I be imperfect and find beauty in the imperfection?
You have artists like Lady Gaga, Isabella Blow (R.I.P), Anna Dello Russo etc.... that show their absolute devotion to fashion, and to art by wearing art fearlessly and boldly, while introducing the world to the art of clothes.
These women are the women that make me wear my skin tight skinnes and extra large shirt. And feed off the different type of energies from the people looking at me with admiration or disdain. Positive or negative, energy is always energy, it all depends on what you turn that energy into. If you let it fuel you or if you let it run you over and leave you feeling exhausted,
Fashion is and forever will make me and I forever will make it!
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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of David Aiyeniwon

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  1. "Fashion tells people who you are without even knowing your name."

    I love that line. I used to think fashion was just vacant rubbish (and I think some of it still is). But I also appreciate the art and self expression of it too. It's as valid as any other form of design.

    Good post!